Kartik Gopalan
Professor, Computer Science
Binghamton University

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kartik @ binghamton.edu

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Recent Projects:
  1. Directvisor: Virtualization for Bare-metal Cloud (VEE 2020)
  2. Multi-Hypervisor Virtual Machines
  3. Live Virtual Machine Migration
  4. Container-Level Address Space
  5. Virtualization Privacy and Security
Other Significant Projects
  1. XenLoop: Inter-VM Network Loopback (HPDC 2008)
  2. XCo: Explicit Coordination to Prevent Data Center Network Congestion (HPDC 2010)
  3. MemX: Virtualization of Cluster-wide Memory (VTDC 2007, ICPP 2010)
  4. MiNT-2: A Miniaturized Testbed for Wireless Network Protocol Testing and Evaluation

Selected Publications: (Click here for a complete list) (Google Scholar)
  1. ContainerVisor: Customized Control of Container Resources IC2E 2019.
  2. Fast and Live Hypervisor Replacement. VEE 2019.
  3. Live Migration Ate My VM: Recovering Virtual Machine from Failure of Post-Copy Live Migration, INFOCOM 2019.
  4. Overcoming Virtualization Overheads for Large VCPU Virtual Machines MASCOTS 2018.
  5. HyperFresh: Live Refresh of Hypervisors Using Nested Virtualization APSys 2017.
  6. Multi-hypervisor Virtual Machines, Enabling an Ecosystem of Hypervisor-level Services USENIX ATC 2017.
  7. Enabling Efficient Hypervisor-as-a-Service Clouds with Ephemeral Virtualization, VEE 2016.
  8. Agile Live Migration of Virtual Machines, IPDPS 2016.
  9. Scatter-Gather Live Migration of Virtual Machines, In IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing, September 2015.
  10. Privacy-preserving Virtual Machines , ACSAC 2015.
  11. Gang Migration of Virtual Machines using Cluster-wide Deduplication, CCGrid 2013.
  12. SPARC: A Security and Privacy Aware Virtual Machine Checkpointing Mechanism, ACM CCS Workshop on Privacy in the Electronic Society (WPES) 2011, full paper.
  13. Live Gang Migration of Virtual Machines, HPDC 2011.
  14. MemX: Virtualization of Cluster-wide Memory, ICPP 2010.
  15. XCo: Explicit Coordination to Prevent Network Fabric Congestion in Cloud Computing Cluster Platforms, HPDC 2010.
  16. Post-Copy Live Migration of Virtual Machines, SIGOPS Operating Systems Review, 2009.
  17. Post-Copy Based Live Virtual Machine Migration Using Adaptive Pre-Paging And Dynamic Self-Ballooning, , VEE 2009.
  18. XenLoop : A Transparent High Performance Inter-VM Network Loopback, HPDC 2008.

Recent professional service: