High-Performance, Robust, and Secure Live Migration of Virtual Machines

Virtual machines (VM) are one of the fundamental building block of modern cloud computing infrastructure. Live migration of VMs is a key feature of server virtualization that underlies numerous operations in cloud computing platforms such as routine maintenance, load balancing, scaling to handle peak demands, and saving energy. The ability to perform fast, robust, and secure live migration of VMs across physical machines is critical for flexible administration and usability of cloud infrastructure. Our group has developed a number of live VM migration techniques as part of this research.

  1. Post-Copy Migration
  2. Gang Migration
  3. Scatter-Gather Migration
  4. Evaluation of Encrypted Live Migration
  5. Agile Migration
  6. Quick Eviction
  7. Ephemeral Virtualization
  8. HyperFresh


This project is supported in part by the National Science Foundation (through grants 1320689, 1527338, 0845832, 0855204, and 1005153), and a Department of Education GAANN Fellowship.