High-Performance, Robust, and Secure Live Migration of Virtual Machines

Virtual machines (VM) are one of the fundamental building blocks of modern cloud computing infrastructure. Live migration of VMs is a key feature of server virtualization and underlies numerous operations in cloud platforms such as routine maintenance, load balancing, scaling to handle peak demands, and saving energy. This research focuses on high-performance, robust, scalable, and secure techniques for live VM migration. Our group has investigated and developed a number of new live VM migration techniques.

  1. Post-Copy Migration that provides deterministic migration time by first migrating the VM's execution state to the destination followed by a single-pass memory transfer.
  2. Gang Migration for simultaneous live migration of multiple virtual machines using cluster-wide page deduplication.
  3. Scatter-Gather Migration for fast deprovisioning of servers via intermediaries.
  4. Agile Migration to improve responsiveness of migration to source-side resource pressures.
  5. Quick Eviction to rapidly evict a VM using incremental snapshots.
  6. Encrypted Live Migration Evaluation that uncovered dependencies between migration mechanisms, encryption algorithms, and workload types.
  7. Ephemeral Virtualization for sub-second control transfer of a VM between co-located hypervisor-level services.
  8. HyperFresh for live replacement of hypervisors beneath running VMs.

Principal Investigators

  • Prof. Kartik Gopalan
  • Prof. Ping Yang
  • Students


  • Umesh Deshpande, Ph.D., Placement: IBM Almaden Research Center
  • Dinuni Fernando, Ph.D.
  • Michael R. Hines, Ph.D, Placement: IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
  • Yaohui Hu, Ph.D., Placement: Microsoft
  • Tianlin Li, Ph.D.
  • Piush Sinha, Ph.D.
  • Masters

  • Hardik Bagdi, M.S., Placement: SAP
  • Danny Chan, M.S., (started as undergraduate)
  • James Edouard, M.S., (started as undergraduate)
  • Emine Kaynar, M.S.
  • Rohith Kugve, M.S., Placement: Microsoft
  • Sanket Panhale, M.S.
  • Undergraduate

  • Steven Chan, B.S.
  • Ten-Young Guh, B.S.
  • Rushil Kumar, B.S.
  • Samuel Stromswold, B.S.
  • Brandon Schlinker, B.S.
  • Jonathan Terner, B.S.
  • Collaborators

  • Dr. Nilton Bila, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
  • Dr. Dan Williams, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
  • Dr. Hani Jamjoom, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
  • Dr. Charles Kamhoua, Air Force Rome Research Labs
  • Dr. Kevin Kwiat, Air Force Rome Research Labs
  • Publications

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    12. Hardik Bagdi, Rohith Kugve, Kartik Gopalan, HyperFresh: Live Refresh of Hypervisors Using Nested Virtualization, ACM Asia-Pacific Workshop on Systems (APSys) 2017, Mumbai, India. [paper] [bibtex]


    This research is funded, in part, by the National Science Foundation (through grants 1320689, 1527338, 0845832, 0855204, and 1005153), a Department of Education GAANN Fellowship, and Air Force Rome Labs.