Course Policies

Students with disabilities: If you have a disability that may impact on your ability to carry out assigned course work, I would urge that you contact the Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD), Phone: (607) 777-2686. Kindly bring a letter to me from the SSD indicating your need for academic accommodations within the first two weeks of the class. I will work with you and the SSD to make any necessary accommodations.

Academic Integrity: IMPORTANT. PLEASE READ. Please read this letter from CS faculty to students, which explains why Academic Honesty is taken seriously in our department and the University.

Cheating can lead to an F in the course. Ask the instructor before you collaborate on anything.

We will use Moss, a tool for detecting plagiarism in programs. All students must follow the University's Student Academic Honesty Code and also Watson Engineering School's Academic Honesty Code. Do your own work. Don't do others' work. Don't ask/give solutions, including code. Don't copy code or any other material from the Internet. Protect your code: Change permissions of your work directory to 0700 (chmod 0700 <directory>). Use your common sense: if it doesn't feel right, its probably cheating.

Sickness: Please do not attend lecture or lab if you have a fever, body aches, cough, sore throat, or any contagious illness. For regular lecture/lab attendance, you will not be asked to validate your illness with a note from a medical professional. Missing an assignment deadline or a scheduled exam due to illness still requires medical documentation. It is considered a violation of the academic honesty code if you abuse this policy for non-medical reasons.

Announcements: Announcements can be made either in the class OR through emails. Missing any announcement due to not attending the class or not checking the emails is not a valid reason for missed work or examination.

Makeup exams: Makeup exam will be given only in medical emergencies or jury duty or according to university's final exam policy, when accompanied with valid documentation. Please DO NOT ask for exceptions to this policy, such as for travel or interviews.

Late Submission: 10% penalty for each 24 hours that your assignment is late. That means: Less than 24 hours late - 10% penalty. 24 to 48 hours late - 20% penalty. and so forth till score reaches 0.

Incomplete Grades (grade of 'I'): The grade of 'I' will not be given. The ONLY exception is if the final exam is missed due to a medical emergency or jury duty, accompanied by valid documentation. In this case, the final exam must be made up before the beginning of the following semester.

Grade Changes: Grade on an assignment, quiz, or exam will not be changed unless there is a grading error on part of the instructor or the TA. Please do not ask us if you can do some extra credit work to raise your grade. We will never selectively offer extra credit for the purpose of changing individual grades, except if offered for the entire class.